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About Us

Life Care Prince Diagnostic Center, Pvt. Ltd.

"Life Care Prince Diagnostic Center" is in the panel of health centers of the "Executive Board of The Health Ministers Council for G C C States".(GCC Code No.: 06/01/04) Established in 2000 A.D, Life Care Prince Diagnostic Center, Pvt. Ltd. as diagnostic division for issuing medical certificate to people going overseas. Our Diagnostic department is backed-up by the latest Automatic Biochemistry Analysers, Blood Cell counter, Fully Automatic ELISA Machines, Digital X-Ray Machines and ECG Machines, etc. Our Services is very prompt and a person can get a report within 12 hours. We envision, a healthy work force is key to prosperous organization. Our health screening services promote health and prevent unhealthy person to join overseas works as, this will help to save your liability towards health care.We offer to various employment agencies a high quality comprehensive dependable basic health checkup services for oversaes workers that are uncommon these days. Our Medical Centre screens out these people for the disease, which can cause burden on the employer. Life Care Prince Diagnostic Centre was incorporated in 20 November 2001 under company act.
We screen these people for AIDS, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Syphillis, Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Liver Disease, Worm Infestation, Malaria, Hernia, Hydrocoel, Cardiac & Respiratory Disease, Blood Cancer, Vision & Locomotor organs, Psychiatric problems & Allergy. AIDS, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Syphilis can become prevalent in institutions & forces. So, people who have got this disease have to be prevented from joining overseas employment. In this way spread of disease will be prevented and in turn this process will help to promote health also.